po8klasie.pl is an open-sourced lookup service for high-schools and vocational schools. We struggle to help students choose their school based not only on academic statistics but rather on holistic image of school. We do that by gathering data students truly need and presenting it to them in UX-aware manner. We aim for this project being a collaborative effort with local governments, schools as well as students and parents to provide youth with adequate data to help them shape their future.

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HackClub.pl is a community of young people interested in technology based in Warsaw, Poland. We are aware that the high school curriculum rarely conveys what working in the IT industry truly means. With HackClub.pl we try to show students that tech is fun and bridge the gap between classes and industry meetups. We organize meetups, workshops, and online events.

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04/2020 - present

Front-end engineer

@ QED.ai

Building web applications for agriculture and health industries.

08/2023 - present

Co-leader & tech

@ Common Citizen Tech

Fostering the development of sustainable civic-tech solutions

09/2022 - present

Conducting classes about web programming & design fundamentals.

04/2018 - 08/2022

Conducting classes about web programming & design fundamentals.

10/2019 - 07/2022 (suspended)


@ HackClub.pl

HackClub.pl is a student-led community of young people interested in technology and programming who are focused on helping each other, which is based in Warsaw, Poland. We are part of the international HackClub.com network. Every month we organize initiatives such as meetups, workshops, or webinars.


Helping on-site


Supporting teams with developing application concepts.

11/2019 - 12/2019


@ ConFrontJS

Created a React-powered app for sponsors' activities. Supporting organizers during the conference.

01/2020 - present

Organized "Introduction to Firebase" webinar with GDG Warsaw leader.


Supporting team with building chatbot application using React and Azure Cognitive Services.


  • Miałam Zawałmialamzawal.pl

    Website created for Polish National Institute of Cardiology.

    Built with: Vue, GSAP
  • po8klasie.plpo8klasie.pl

    Lookup service for Polish high schools

    Built with: Next, TypeScript, Python, fast-api
  • Modern Sculpture Overviewmodern-sculpture-overview.micorix.dev

    The history of the impact of artistic movements of the 20th century on sculpture.

    Built with: Gatsby, react-fullpage
  • HackClub.plhackclub.pl

    HackClub's website

    Built with: Gatsby
  • NIM Gamenim-game.micorix.dev

    NIM Game

    Built with: React
  • sWriterswriter.micorix.dev

    Simple markdown editor with VS Code themes support.

    Built with: React
  • ŻUK Festival 20212021.zukfestival.pl

    Built with: Gatsby, React
  • ŻUK Festival 20202020.zukfestival.pl

    Built with: Gatsby, React
  • CodeWawa 1.0codewawa.github.io

    Built with: React
  • CodeWawa 2.0codewawa.vercel.app

    Built with: Gatsby, React