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I'm 20 y/o front-end engineer, projects leader, and event organizer based in Warsaw, Poland.

This site highlights my motivations and interests,
if you are rather interested in my professional background,
please visit Experience page.
In my opinion

Building for the web is an incredible adventure
in which art  and tech allow us to emphasize great stories.


Civic tech & open source

I'm an open-source maintainer and civic-tech enthusiast. I believe that these movements serve the most crucial goal technology has, which is to empower people with help from the community.
You can check my open-source projects on GitHub.


For me, one of the best things about software development is that you get to help experts in their fields fulfill their mission. Although I'm fairly new to the UX field, I seek in it confirmation that our help as engineers is truly useful for end users.


The greatest achievements are made thanks to teamwork!

Currently I'm a member of:

  • Google Developer Groups Warsaw
  • GitHub Campus Experts
  • Hack Club
  • CyberSecurity Student Club @ WAT


  • 1st place in HackYeah 2019 - the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe
    • We created an app called ForestVille which would facilitate planting trees by citizens.
      We got mentioned by Business Insider Poland.
  • Finalist of HackCrisis Hackathon (Mar 2020)
    • We created an app to self-examine symptoms of COVID-19.
  • 2nd place in CSR Knowledge Competition organized by Responsible Business Forum Poland (Jun 2020)
    • I presented a talk about the risks of automation in the coming years.
  • Finalist of Polish edition of European Union Contest for Young Scientists (Mar 2022)
    • After gathering responses from almost half a thousand students I prepared a research paper "Analysis of the information needs of candidates for upper secondary schools in the Warsaw metropolitan area in the context of feature planning for recruitment supporting app."
  • 3rd place in the SendHybrid challenge by Polish Ministry of Finance at HackYeah 2022 - the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe
    • The challenge was about preprocessing digital documents so they can be printed and mailed.
  • Featured on the TNW's T500 list (Feb 2023)
    • T500 is a list prepared by The Next Web of the top 500 most talented people under the age of 30 in the Dutch tech space.
  • Honorable mention for a speech at First National Student Cybernetics Symposium (May 2023)
    • I prepared a speech "Why participate in open-source projects? An introduction to the first contribution." First National Student Symposium was hosted by Military University of Technology in Poland.

Talks & interviews


HackClub meetup: Why open-source is so powerful?

I presented the notion of open source software in context of web development. This talk was part of the first HackClub.pl meetup.

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Student Cybernetics Symposium: Why participate in open-source projects? An introduction to the first contribution

I outlined benefits of being an active open-source contributor as a computer science students and provided a brief overview of workflows used in FOSS community (such as RFCs).

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TOK FM interview: What to consider when choosing a secondary school?

With Wojtek Sańko - civic-tech acitivist and Alina Czyżewska - human-rights activist we talked about what factors are important when choosing high school. We mentioned the open-sourced app we create - po8klasie.

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